Last year, 7 billion dollars passed through budtender hands nationwide. Now imagine creating informal brand ambassadors at every sales opportunity. BDTNDR is an online resource that transforms your brand content into easy-to-use training modules. Using proven effective learning methods, we empower budtenders to drive results at the point-of-sale with your product knowledge. You can look forward to having access to a network of influential experts in the cannabis marketplace that can speak well to your brand and provide valuable feedback from personal experience.


It’s simple. Power your brand by empowering bundtenders.

BDTNDR offers brand managers a dynamic platform to create, manage, and deliver effective product training to budtenders. We will collaborate with your management team to discover, evaluate, create, publish, and update your brand’s content for online modules. BDTRNR education modules optimize a budtender’s learning experience through visual and easy to digest learning segments that teach your brand’s key differentiators and product benefits.

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Our team is dedicated to supporting budtender education while showcasing the importance of their service. Most get in the business because they have a passion for the plant, some with life-changing stories. We want to help fuel that passion with essential product knowledge. Read More...
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