It is our mission to develop an online resource that will benefit budtenders, dispensaries, brands, and consumers alike. We keep our interface sticky and engaging for budtenders while providing a cost-efficient delivery channel for brands and dispensaries. With our mission in mind, BDTNDR is building a community of influential experts to give them direct access to a self-paced and rewarding program focused on brand content.

Our team is dedicated to supporting budtender education while showcasing the importance of their service.  Most get in the business because they have a passion for the plant. Some with life-changing stories, having witnessed its healing properties improve a loved one’s well-being. We want to help fuel that passion with essential product knowledge to help budtenders feel properly equipped to provide recommendations that will enhance their customers’ experiences.


Our Why

As the cannabis industry continues to grow, we believe creating more knowledgeable budtenders is the key to educating end-users in best practices for safe consumption. From the cannabis enthusiast to the first-timer, we hope our services give budtenders a leg up to improve their customers’ buying experience in the budding cannabis marketplace.

We pledge to galvanize the budtender community, develop partnerships that benefit all parties involved, and to uphold the integrity of the cannabis industry as advocates for legalization and decriminalization.  We want to build a strong business with a positive impact on the world around us.  We care.  And we want to see the cannabis industry reach its full potential.



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